Serenity Recovery Centers 

Serenity provided me a safe place to get a basis for sobriety and emphasized that I had to learn to live sober. They gave me hope for my future which I had all but given up on.    Ann P. (sober 4 years)


February 10, 1976 was a miracle day for me when I entered Serenity House — I was a drunk:  mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Little did I know that this day was the new beginning of my life.   Maurise M. (sober 36 years)


By providing new hope and tools for living, along with effective counseling, Serenity Recovery Centers has established itself with proven results.  With more than 15,000 alumni in the Shelby County area, Serenity Recovery Centers serves more than 400 clients each year. After 40 years, Serenity Recovery Centers is one of the most trusted names in helping clients with alcohol, drug and co-occurring disorders become productive individuals once again by providing successful treatment regardless of a client’s ability to pay.
Serenity Recovery Centers boasts a high rate of recovery. Serenity’s counselors do not merely treat symptoms; they look deeper into underlying issues behind lifelong patterns of self-destructive behaviors.  Clients are treated with time-tested, holistic practices designed to heal the mind, body, and spirit.


Important Statistics:

  • 75% successfully completed treatment.
  • 70% maintain abstinence after 6-month follow-up.
  • 75% of clients report that the treatment experience was very helpful.

Associations & Accreditations: